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The World Scenario A perception of reality

The world scenario is rapidly changing today. The autocratic tendencies to establish colonial empires by wars of annexation and correction of the native inhabitants are no more evident. The bigger and stronger nations do not possess & govern weaker and smaller ones, Just as France, Spain, England and Germany had been doing in past. The tradition to break apart, segregate
and flourish independently at the cost of others, has almost come to an end. On the other hand, even well-developed and prosperous countries are getting together and unifying. We have the example of the Gulf countries, of the United States and of the European Economic Groups. Not long ago, East and West Germany had demolished their Berlin Wall barriers and unified again. Even North and South Korea are following the same path. In other word, the world is beginning to realize the unlimited power and strength of unity. The benefits of utilizing corporate natural resources and man-power far exceed the advantages of subordinating other nations. The Western countries are fast moving towards unification. Even then, they have their limitation. But the member countries of U.S.S.A. shall not have any such limitations.

The Domain of U.S.S.A. is vast and encompassing. In the North-West U.S.S.A extends to the centre of Eastern Asia, in the east it touches Kampuchia, Thailand, Malaya, and Sumatra, to the north it has Hindukush, shivalik, Himalaya and other mountains, in the south it has Sindhu Sagar, Hindu Mahasagar, and Ganga sagar. It is a known fact that this entire continent, once upon a time, was a single united unit called Jambudweep. It inhabitants lived together and interacted harmoniously. It was so rich in natural resources that no one had to beg food or go hungry. Even today, its natives enjoy diverse climates like summer, monsoon, winter, spring and autumn. Many regions of the world have extreme climates, but the natives of U.S.S.A. don’t have to wrestle with any such extremities all the time.
As there is so much of diversity in its physical features, all types of vegetation, animal life and minerals are found here, like wheat, rice, barley, corn, pulses, gram, mustard, jowar, cotton, jute etc. Even spices, herbs, tea, coffee and all types of wood are in abundance. Some of its member countries produce even rubber and bio-petroleum. In other words, U.S.S.A. is completely self- sufficient.

At present, there is no derth of technical expertise, man-power and natural resources in any of the member countries, but we lack discipline, dedication, as well as systematic planning and organization. It has been proven all over the world, that given the right. Kind of environment, support and incentive, the people of U.S.S.A. are capable of excellence, even in the field of science and technology. As far as medicine, telecommunication, astronomy, defense etc. are concerned, we are as advanced as any other developed country. Eighty percent of the software for the word is designed and produced either by the people of U.S.S.A. abroad or in U.S.S.A. itself. Even countries like Germany, France, and the Subcontinent of America, fully recognize the value of U.S.S.A. talent and expertise. The minds and hands of U.S.S.A. citizens have contributed much to the development of foreign lands. They can surely uplift, reconstruct and reorganize their own native lands and thus, strengthen U.S.S.A.
The total population of all the U.S.S.A. member countries is about two hundred crores. Surely, this man-power is playing a vital role in this continent. This role can either be destructive or constructive. If we look towards the West, with outstretched hands, begging for left-overs, we shall definitely play a negative role.
On the other hand, if we properly make use of this man-power, we can surpass the entire world in every field. There is a tremendous possibility of growth and development in this continent, under the banner of U.S.S.A., provided we decide to work hard honestly and sincerely. Our manpower can achieve excellent results inspite of limited resources and adverse condition.
It all depends on how soon the member countries of U.S.S.A. recognize and utilize their united power and vitality. How fast they discard egotism and start rebuilding themselves. In other words, how soon they properly utilize their tremendous man-power, scientific knowledge, technical expertise, natural resources, suitable climate, all types of vegetation, agricultural facilities, abundant raw material. etc.etc.
Just consider, these two hundred crores of multitudes, could not have just proliferated out of the blue. They have their roots deep in the ancient psyche of the human civilization, art and culture. They have a trial of growth and development. Although they segregated and fragmented due to geographical, social and political reasons, they were once unified. The entire history of mankind has proved, that, they once existed as interlinked groups of civilization.

This fact also has been proved scientifically by genetic studies. They have developed from primitive and inarticulate savage to i9mprove. A similar example is presented by U.S.S.R, U.A.E., the European Union and the U.S.A. Now it shall be the turn of the U.S.S.A. Then shall come the South American Union. U.S.S.A.-II, The African Union and USA – II (United States of Africa) and U.S.C.E.A. (United Stated of Central East Asia) with the support of China, And finally the United World “ VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKUM” Thus, Mankind shall attain Liberty from perpetual Fear and Restrictions, Liberty from Visa, Currencies, Physical Boundaries, Race, Caste, Colour and Creed, Freedom from Everything Which Hampers the Growth of Man as a Spiritual Being.

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