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More than Half a century of undaunted hope and expectation has brought to completion today, sixty years of India’s independence and the independence of Pakistan Srilanka and others. Amidst an upsurge of incessant applause and cheering, the political celebrities have stepped down from their celestial abode to bless the non-descript earthlings. Innumerable people have reverently gathered at various spots to hungrily lap the emotionally charged speeches, craftily designed to enthrall them. A fictitious account of tremendous growth and development is being given to these naïve simpletons who are unable to perceive the harrowing reality behind the glittering façade. Their addled minds are insensitive to the gloom and dejection which perpetually surrounds them. And therefore, they can be hypnotized into believing and doing anything.

Atlas! I cannot be a part of this extravaganza. These fake and shallow patriotic songs, high-flown speeches and enticing celebrations make me writhe with shame and impotent rage. My heart aches and a melancholic inertia numbs my joy. I sadly remember our pledge on the historic Day of Independence -----“ to build up prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institution, which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman”-----which has been totally forgotten. Ironically we have done just the opposite of what had been dreamt of, and aspired for. We have degenerated to the lowest depths of lawlessness, violence, debauchery, lewd egotism, disintegration, exploitation, black-marketing and moral bankruptcy.

Even after the departure of Britishers, over minds are completely governed by hideous vampires and schemers, who can make us think and believe what they desire. Lack of education, clear thinking and political awareness clogs our judgment, so that we are beguiled by tinsel and epicurean pursuits. Even our younger generation has no perspective and sense of direction. Their vitality and enterprising sprit is misused by politicians for selfish motives. They are lured by money and materialistic pursuits. Therefore intelligent capable and hard-working people are settling abroad, due to lack of opportunities, and incentive in their own country.

Day and night I am goaded by and only one thought ---how to resurrect disintegrated Indian sub continent, how to preserve and properly channelise our invaluable natural resources, and how to recuperate the abundant man-power, so as to redeem our lost glory , undaunted prosperity, spiritual vitality and ethnic morality.

To achieve this magnanimously mammoth task a resurgence of nationalism, as n earnest alliance of all our neighboring countries (such as Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc with the help of China) is vitally essential. Such an alliance shall be beneficial not only to India but to all the South Asian countries, because just like India, these countries are also in the grip of internal strife and turmoil.

I first conceived this nebulous idea of U.S.S.A. during one of my wintery sleepless nights in Manchester in 1986. Suddenly the gloom dispelled and a brilliant light filled me with glorious hope. The concept mesmerized me, haunted me, and completely possessed me. Gradually it began to develop and assume a definite, well-defined form. Finally, its unsurpassed possibilities baffled me. And when I shared it with my close friend and inmate Dr. Moen-Ul-Farid, Prof..of Virology from the University of Pakistan, his ecstatic exclamation regenerated my resolve to pen it down.

I am aware of the hazards of venturing upon untrodden paths. I may be criticized or even condemned. My conception may be branded as a mere dream, especially by cynical an close-minded egocentrics, who are devoid of patriotic allegiance. The idea is to form a United state named United States of South Asia, seeking the unifications of all those countries, which are unified geographically and culturally, without losing their individual identity (like European Union). And this will be the first milestone towards the unification of the world.

I am able to foresee that my dream will surely become a reality. My undaunted hope assures me, that a day shall come, when two hundred crore inhabitants’ of South Asian countries will together achieve this mission and fulfill this promise. It is a promise of peace, of Love, of Brotherhood, of Happy corporate Existence and of Progressive Utilization of all the Resources. It is a promise towards the Unification of the Entire Human Race as One Society.

U.S.S.A. is an amalgamation of all those nations which are linked together Culturally, Emotionally, and socially. It is a great Synthesis of all those Individuals and Social groups which have been living and interacting peacefully together, from times immemorial.

History is witness to the fact that all these neighboring countries lived together harmoniously prior to foreign invasions. From Himalayas to Sri-lanka, from Kabul & Kandhar to Sindhu Ghati from Hindukush to Bangladesh, we were unified. Even from the farthest islands of java, Sumatra and Malaya in the east, to the impregnable wall of China, we were linked by trade and by cultural affinities. There were even educational and metaphysical exchanges. No restrictions were imposed what-so-ever, in any way, on any type of interchange, whether it be of Science or of Technology, of Trade or of Education, of Art or of Culture, of Religion or of Philosophy.

This movement is dedicated to the members of U.S.S.A.that is, to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal ,Bhutan, Myanmar,Afghanistan and India, to all the South Asian countries, to their multitudes of innocent and peace loving inhabitants, who shed their blood and laid their lives for self-aggrandizing autocrats, who were betrayed and misled by inhuman and selfish politicians, in the name of nationalism, religion, land, caste, creed, colour, language etc.

The time has come to identify and incapacitate those treacherous powers and individuals who are perpetually conspiring against World Peace, Humanity and International Unity. The time has come to awake and arise, and to jointly constitute a United State, comprising of all South Asian Countries, which were known as “Bharatvarsh” five thousands years ago. It is possible only, if and when, each and every native of the member countries of U.S.S.A., truly and sincerely believes, that he is exemplary, estimable, enterprising and enduring. In other words, self-sufficient and capable of achieving excellence. Only when he sheds lethargy, opposes injustice, fights for truth, and adheres to his duty undauntedly, dhall he be able to hold his head high and regain his lost dignity. In this context the word “Bharatvarsh”is not being used geographically, but figuratively and symbolically. In Sanskrit “Bharat” means a fertile and prosperous continent which can sustain each and every kind of life form. “Bharam Poshan Karne Yogya Dharti Ka Unnat Bhubhag”.

“Hum Bhartiya Sarvashrestha” is a Renaissance of thought which will reassure all Bhartiyas of South Asia’s glory, capability and competence.

My initial endeavors, towards the Unification of the Entire World, are first and foremost dedicated to all the natives of U.S.S.A.

Today, India, Pakistan and Srilanka have completed fifty years of their independence, or rather disintegration. At the eve of such an occasion, we inaugurate the ideological revolution of “Undivided Bharat”, We initiate our plans South Asian countries in the form of a Confederation known as the United States of South ASIA, or to be precise, as U.S.S.A.

Under this confederation, there shall transpire a revolutionary change, ensuring social, political and economic equality, to all the inhabitants of U.S.S.A.

The fundamental Principals governing this change shall be as follows :
  U.S.S.A. – 2050
  U.S.S.A. – TRANS.
All the member countries of U.S.S.A are facing common problems and, therefore, naturally, the solutions also have to be common. Everywhere, these countries are facing inflation, black-marketing, economic crisis, corruption, foreign-debts, Unemployment, poverty, crime, unproductively, sick and closing down-industrial units, unstable government and leadership, lethargic, dishonest and shoddy workmanship, continuously deteriorating law and order, lack of opportunities and incentives, dejection, frustration, mental and physical inertia etc. All these degenerating diseases, which have a cancerous growth, must be rooted out, by means of remedial therapy, based on a holistic approach. Thus, we shall have to follow the underlying principles, universally applicable to all.
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